Thursday, 20 August 2015

Gilded Mornings

(c) Shubhrata Prakash

Hi folks!

Greetings from Bangkok!!

 After a long time, I'm back to the blog. Well, I shifted, in the meantime, from India to Thailand. And due to some mean times, I could not post anything for a very long time. Shifting was a pain, but after seeing the beautiful Siam, it became a sweet pain.

Indeed, Bangkok is wonderful. One of the best things about Thailand is how the Thai people have managed to embrace modernity without giving up on their traditions and ancient culture. Moreover, they welcome people from all over the world with open arms and a warm embrace.

I haven't seen much of the country yet, but be assured, I shall often be writing about this wonderful country, and an equally wonderful city, again and again.

Meanwhile, Gen-Nex is safely ensconced in school. The school time makes it imperative to wake up at 5 am each school day. And it is still dark at 5. But after they leave, I see the beautiful sun rising every morning and casting a golden glow, which glints off the glass of the semi-skyscrapers opposite me. The dark glassed ones look more copper-gilded than golden. Here are pictures of the same.

On another note, my book of poems titled "Ink on Water" is available in select Crossword stores. It is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. Do remember to order your copy and enjoy reading the book with a cup of chai...or coffee....or whatever...!

So, the recently converted expat's ink shall continue to flow. Or should we say, the keys shall continue to tap?

(c) Shubhrata Prakash