Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Today is the 14th of January. Having celebrated it as Makar Sankranti, Til Sakrat, the eve of this day as Lohri and then as Pongal, today was the first time that we celebrated it in a new way as Uttarayan, as it is celebrated in Gujarat.

Kites have been around for a couple of days now. Then there is the International Kite Festival which is on. It has been very windy for a few weeks now, and hence, the weather has been more than ideal for kite flying. So less words and more sights today....

High flies a kite.....

....and another......
....and a few more......

.....and many more !!
People at the River front

A boat speeds along 

A lot of foam in its wake

A kite flies along with waves of the Sabarmati

More people watch along the river front

As night falls, a lighted lantern floats past
A couple more float along the inky sky

The day ends with a spectacular view of the light balloons floating across the firmament..
........a pleasanter sight may be difficult to find.

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