Sunday, 13 July 2014

On Rape : Part V

Hello Friends!

I'm back after a rather long hiatus, but duty called, and so.....

When I had started this series of putting down my thoughts on rape, I'd hoped for something positive to put as a concluding footnote. Something that would keep our hopes alive that at some point of time violence against women would see an end.

Alas, in between my last post and this one, Badayun happened. It left me frozen with a trauma so horrific that there weren't any tears that would flow. They had frozen with my blood. They had frozen with the basic sense of being civilized that our society pretended to be. All that was left was an artic winter of numbness and silence.

Hence, I find myself unable to write on this issue further.

There may be another sunrise of humanity sometime.

Until then,
I remain frozen.


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