Monday, 19 January 2015

Coming Alive

Copyright (C) Shubhrata V Prakash

It’s been a while and I haven’t written.
Not put pen to paper.
Not put fingers to keyboard.
Not thought.
Not felt.


It’s not that I haven’t thought or felt.
I have been tutored by times, by circumstances, by people to keep quiet.
See, but not speak.
See, but not feel.
See, think, but still……not express.
I’m trying hard to break free.
I’m straining against the chains.
I’m fighting to keep alive.
Keep my senses alive.
Keep my spirit alive.
Keep my soul ….alive.
But, can I? will I? dare I?
For I feel dead.


I’ve felt a wisp of wind over me lately.
Wisp of wind and spray of water.
Of elixir.
Felt or wanted to feel.
It’s worked.
I’m waking up.
My spirit is getting stronger.
I’m feeding my soul now.
No past hurt is going to change me.
No one or nothing is going to change me.
I’ve kept quiet too long.
Not anymore.
Hey world, do you hear?
Not anymore.
I’m coming alive.
I’m coming alive again.

Copyright (C) Shubhrata V Prakash


  1. Best one till each n every word of this

    1. Thanks Rinky! Every single word is from the heart. I've lived every single word of this poem.

  2. How beautifully you convey your struggles - the windward and the leeward, the yin and the yang... Leaving us with a message of optimism, always. I salute your struggles, and your will to emerge victorious. Always inspiring.

    1. Thank you! Your words are always inspiring for me too!!