Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Sea

(c) Shubhrata Prakash

They say I am the sea
I get pulled by my father, the Sun
I get pulled by my lover, the Moon
I keep oscillating between the two.
They say I have no will of my own.
They say that’s the law of nature.
I can never be free.
I shall always be bound by the Sun and Moon
The churning rod in my own churning
Between the two loves of my life.

They say I am the sea
Always fickle, always whimsical
Always even hormonal
Sometimes I wax
Sometimes I wane
Am I really sane?
They say I don’t know my own mind
They say I can’t be left alone
That is why I am kept chained
To all my sea sisters
All kept linked together
Bound by the Sun and the Moon.
Of course, they are men.
They know their minds.
They know how to keep waves of women under control
Waves of infinite water….some of it even our briny tears
We - the sisterhood of the seas.

They say I am the sea
Okay that’s what I am.
But have they forgotten my depths?
Have they succeeded in binding me?
Can they ever capture my fist in theirs?
Ha..ha..ha..all they will have is sand
They can have some shells too
Crabs maybe?
But they can never have me.
My father and my lover may try to keep me in check
But when we sisters turn to our Mother Earth
She cannot see our plight
She quakes with anger and cries tears of lava
Can you quell the curse of a mother ?
A mother gives her daughters so much power
That the energy scares all men.
Free of the Sun, free of the Moon
The sisters rise in rebellion
The sister seas rise so high that no man can control them
For they all run for their lives
To escape the tsunami of waves of our anger.
And when the anger dissipates
Man rues the day
When he called woman the sea

Ye men
Who think they control the seas
Through men like themselves
The Sun and the Moon
Never ye forget
That there’s Mother Earth too
Who sets her daughters free
So, when ye go mad with thy powers
Think of the Earth
And her free daughters.

(c) Shubhrata Prakash

(From "Ink On Water"......coming soon)

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